About me

Welcome to my website! Thanks for stopping by!

I am an Australian actor who occasionally dabbles in writing, producing and directing. I am currently doing a Degree in Youth Work and Youth Studies at RMIT Melbourne, with the goal being to combine my passions of helping people, working with kids and story-telling into a career in drama therapy! I’ve already co-created a web series touching on self-worth, two theatre productions around humanity and hope and have written another web series around mental health and lockdown. Yet I also just love to collaborate with others and tell stories so am equally excited to play kick-ass super heroes or toy with nervous audiences in, my favourite style, immersive theatre!

I graduated from the National Theatre Drama School in 2011 and have done intensive physical theatre, Shakespeare and film courses in Melbourne, London, Sicily and Catalonia.

I love to travel! I was born in London and grew up in England, Australia and Guam. I’ve done exchanges and gap years in Singapore, South Africa, India and Europe but still want to explore the rest of the world! There is so much beauty out there and so many kind and exciting people to meet.

Apart from acting, studying and travelling, I love to keep active. Swimming in the ocean, rock climbing, hiking, yoga, aerial silks, swing dancing. I also have a long wish list of instruments and languages I’d love to learn, one day I’ll squeeze them in!